Review Policy

Welcome to Quick Shot Reviews! We review books in a simple, succinct manner. Not only does this allow a potential reader to see at a glance whether or not they might like a certain title, but it allows us to review more books, thereby giving those readers more options.

Want Your Book Reviewed?

Quick Shot Reviews is currently open for reviews.

We are most interested in mystery, suspense, action/adventure, and thriller.

We might accept horror, western, and YA (in the above genres).

We do not accept erotica, romance, religious, non-fiction or literary.

What Formats Do We Accept?

We currently accept MOBI and PDF, with PDF being preferred. Please make sure it is a properly formatted interior book block and not simply a PDF print of a Word document.

We only take already published books. No ARCs or unedited manuscripts. We consider books from indie authors and publishers.

Where Do We Post Reviews?

We post on our blog, on Goodreads, and on Amazon (when possible).

By submitting to Quick Shot Reviews, please understand the following:

  • We are under no obligation to accept a submitted book for review.
  • Accepting a book for review does not mean a book will actually receive a review.
  • Books are generally reviewed on a first come, first served basis, but there may be exceptions to this and we reserve the right to make those exceptions.
  • We attempt to reply to every email, but if we don’t answer within one week, please assume we have decided to pass on your submission.

To submit your book, fill out the form below. Thank you for your interest in Quick Shot Reviews!